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Wine Tours in Switzerland

Bottas Chapel on Mount Tamaro Botta's Architecture and Wine in Ticino (Southern Switzerland)

This two-days tour takes you to the Ticino, the most southern part of Switzerland, where you visit a chapel designed by the famous architect Mario Botta and constructed from 1990-96 on the Mount Tamaro. You also visit two Swiss wine-growers and taste some famous Merlot of Ticino. Enjoy the variety of the the local dishes and the high quality of the Ticino wines.

To all friends of architecture there is a docu film about the construction of this church.

The tour program:
1st day : arrival by train or by minibus in Bellinzona, the capital of Ticino. You will be taken to the Mount Tamaro where you visit the chapel "Santa Maria degli Angeli" designed by Mario Botta and the roman painter Enzo Cucchi. There a Ticino Spumante (Sparkling Wine) will be served with some local specialities. After this impressing visit you will be brought to a local wine-grower where you taste his wines. Diner will be near Lugano in a grotto or in a restaurant specialized on wine. You stay in a 3-5 star hotel near/in Lugano.
2nd day: You visit another wine-grower where you will be served a typical Ticino lunch. Then you will be brought back to Bellinzona where you visit the famous old castel of Bellinzona.
Tour Rates 1996: 2 days/one night from Fr. 280.- per person, depending on your individual preferences
Dates:every weekend from 12 May to 12 October

Malcantone Hiking and Wine-tasting in Malcantone (Ticino)

During this tour you learn to know one of the most hidden and undiscovered regions of Ticino: the Malcantone. You hike on the "Path of the Wonders" (Sentiero delle meraviglie) along the Magliasina river.This easy-going 4 hours trip is very recreating because you find yourself in a fresh and wonderful forest. In the evening you have a typical diner in a local restaurant (Osteria). A wine-grower from Ticino guides you through an interesting wine-tasting where you are served Merlot and other specialities from Ticino. You stay in a clean little hotel. The next day you visit Lugano.

The Tour program:
You arrive Friday evening by train or by privat car in Lugano where you have a light diner in a wine-bar. After diner you are taken to your hotel. Saturday morning the 4 hour hiking starts in Novaggio. For diner you are brought to a typical local restaurant where a wine-grower presents you wines from Ticino. He also answers your questions concerning Ticino wines. Sunday morning you have the possibility to visit another wine-grower. Then you are taken to Lugano where you spend some time walking under the arcades of the historic center of Lugano and enjoy the parc along the lake. You return in the late Sunday afternoon.
Tour Rates 1996: 2 days/one night from Fr. 255.- per person, depending on your individual preferences
Dates:every weekend from 12 May to 12 October

Winestreet Siders - Salgesch in the Wallis

This Winepath that takes you from Siders (Sierre) to Salgesch is about 5 miles long. It is nice to walk through the well documented wineyards and to enjoy the wonderfull landscape in the valley of the river Rhone. Don't miss the possibility to visit the Hotel VINUM in Salgesch where you can taste many different wines and enjoy the local specialities in the restaurant. Also the Museum of the Wine in the Castle Villa in Siders (Sierre) is worth to be visited.

Winestreet Yvorne - Bex in the Wallis

In the region of Chablais, famous for its superb wines, you find this winestreet starting at Yvorne passing by the villages Aigle and Ollon and ending in Bex. In Aigle there is a Museum of the Wine in the old Castle. On the road there are plenty of wine-cellars waiting to be visited.

Winestreet Lake of Biel - Lake of Neuenburg

From Le Landeron, situated at the Lake of Biel, this winestreet guides you through 18 traditional wine-villages to Vaumarcus at the Lake of Neuenburg. Choose some of the wine-cellars that can be visited in order to taste the fine local wines. You also find many nice places to go to eat. In Boudry there is a Museum that documents the old tradition of wine-growing in this beautiful region.

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